Welcome to Angels Bound Erotic Massage

Hello there, I appreciate your interest in checking me out. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melissa, a charming personality with a deep appreciation for the finer things in life.

My desire to give and receive pleasure is unmistakable and in this regard, you will find me very sassy. If you are looking for optimal companionship to enjoy all your fantasies, then I believe I'm talented enough to be at your service. Click here to read more.

My skills are exceptional and when it comes to this niche, I thrive to make sure that your daily life is transformed from being mundane to captivating. You can look forward to mature conversations to cement the companionship. Men of note-worthy standing are my specialty and if you are looking for something steamy or an explosive relationship, I'm here for you.

As a classy beauty, I have standards and my image is striking to say the least. With long smooth hair and luxurious-looking perfect skin, I'm well-maintained. I have to give you a disclaimer first, because you cannot get enough of me.

I have excellent abilities in addition to my stylish and arousing aura. I'm very outgoing and easy to get along with just about anyone. I'm also not stuck up because I know how to be humble. I love guys who are polite and well groomed. If they are dedicated and fun-loving; this is even better. Calls to schedule an appointment will be screened accordingly. I put my personal safety and privacy first.

The time spent together will have no strings attached and this makes everything easier for all parties. I'm available anytime for OUT-CALLS at any place in and around London.

If you wish to invite me for PUBLIC DATES AND PUBLIC EVENTS, I will always dress to the occasion; rest assured I'm highly professional.

Tantric Massage Service

Getting a Tantric massage helps you absorb your vital essence as a man helping you last longer and sustain higher levels of pleasure that are good for your love life. My gentle touches are therapeutic and will heal you emotionally and physically.

My seductive movements and dedication to make you feel special will rekindle a flame in you that was being subdued. You will be more aware of your needs and your lover's and this awareness leads to more satisfaction in both of you. It will help you discover what is appropriate for you and which opens a getaway for mind blowing orgasms.

The tantra experience is different from any form of massage because it doesn't only soothe muscles; it heals and opens your body to new possibilities that were being inhibited by unbalance energies. It is like you are entering into a new dimension of perceptions that leads to very intense and unforgettable moments.

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